quality residential care for children and adults


Stewart Homes has been in operation for 35 years during which time it has gained the reputation of being one of the very best providers of live-in care for challenged and fragile young individuals in Ontario.



Stewart Homes will soon be able to care for Medically Fragile - Technology Dependent (MFTD) children in some locations in Pickering and Peterborough. This will be care with upgraded nursing presence in the residence, with an RN nurse Manager on call and with a supporting staff of RPN nurses and other qualified staff constantly on duty. As always, our Program Physician, Dr. Mark Siegel, will be available for consultation and direction.

Our plan is to build services for children who need deep suctioning, tracheotomy care, palliative care or end of life care. If these services are of interest to you for a child you currently serve or one who may be your responsibility in the future, consider giving our team a call.

Residential Care in Ontario for Handicapped Children and Youth

For thirty-five years, Stewart Homes has been a partner with parents supporting children who are medically fragile, medically complex or who have conditions such as acquired brain injury. We presently have ten, staffed homes: five in each of Peterborough and Pickering, along with adult day programs in both regions and an infant day program in Pickering.